But God Knew… Begins Anew

But God Knew… Begins Anew

It has been some time since I have been able to devote myself to this blog or my writing. Our family has experienced a few years of great trial with first our son’s health, then my husband’s and while that was all going on, I had a neck surgery to correct wear and tear from my previous fusions. I feel that now, in 2021, in this time of turmoil for the country and the world at large, I am finally free to put my writing and teaching back on a front burner. This But God Knew… blog is going to help with both.

This blog, in the technology age, let’s be honest – it’s old. I won’t deny it.

However, I believe, that in Christ, it will be raised to new life this year, even as we maintain the same concept. We want to talk about how God interacts with us in our lives. For those who love Him and are called according to His purposes, he brings good of all things, and we want to proclaim it. We want to put His love for us on display. We want to exhibit how He walks with us through each daily challenge. He always has a plan to bless us regardless of how difficult the circumstances may seem in any given moment.

And really, who hasn’t experienced difficulty in the last year?? We could all use a little (or a lot) of that kind of encouragement, don’t you think?

The something new is that I will be bringing on guest writers who have their own stories to share, even as I share my own stories. Our first guest writer is doing at minimum, a three-part series from the teen, female athlete perspective. Let me introduce you to one of my writing students, Sydney.

Sydney is a homeschool sophomore in high school, taught primarily by her mother Laura. She is a Christian athlete who competes in both track and cross country for a homeschool athletic group called Indy Genesis here in south central Indiana. She is the oldest of four children and also the daughter of Jon, a major who recently retired from the National Guard.

Her siblings include two brothers and one sister, who she lovingly calls hooligans. Good-natured insults aside, she strives to be the best possible sister and friend, and is so intentional about that, you could almost call it a hobby. She’s passionate about her relationship with God and she loves to write.

She hopes her pieces here on the blog will encourage others to be the best version of themselves, as she herself works daily to become while she pursues an ever closer relationship with Christ.

I can’t wait to publish her pieces so you can see her heart! We will begin with the first one this Monday, February 8th. Look for it here on the blog and on all of the But God Knew… social media pages.

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